Dried Wreath Kit Tutorial

This tutorial is for everyone who has purchased one of our dried wreath kits. If you're struggling with any of the instructions please see our visual guide at the bottom of the page.

Getting Started

Firstly lay out the contents of your kit. You’ll need a clear, well lit surface to get wreath-ing.


Step one

Start by creating small bunches of your dried flowers and foliage. To do this you need to cut small pieces from your larger stems, ensuring they still have a stem long enough for you to hold on to (around 2-3 inches, you can trim these down after). Combine a selection of around 6-8 of your off-cuttings to create a small bunch, be sure to use a mixture of different flowers and foliage. Arrange the bunch until you are happy with the positioning, you will need to stagger the flowers slightly so you are able to see then in the final wreath.


Step two

Once you are happy with your bunch it’s time to secure it with wire. Holding the stems of your bunch in one hand, carefully wind the wire around the stems roughly three times, the wire must be tight in order to stop the bunch falling apart. When the bunch is securely wrapped you can cut the wire and fold any excess flat. You now need to make approximately 9-10 more bunches (or more if you have excess flowers) Each bunch can be slightly different to add some variety to your design.


Step three

Once you have finished making your bunches, it’s time to start arranging them on the hoop. Laying your hoop flat on your work surface, place one bunch at the point you’d like your wreath design to start. For example, I usually start where 9 o’clock would be on a clockface. I like to lay the bunches on the wreath before securing them, to get a feel for placement. Working anti-clockwise around the wreath lay your bunches so they overlap the stems of the one before. If you wish, you can lay the final bunch with the stems facing in the opposite direction in order to create a neater effect.


Step four

When you are happy with the positioning of the bunch you may want to snap a quick picture so you remember the placement. Then carefully remove them from the hoop keeping them in the correct order.


Step five

It’s time to start wiring your bunches on to your wreath. Starting again with your first bunch at the 9 o’clock position, wrap the wire around the stems and hoop tightly. You’ll need to wrap around 3-4 times, slowly working your way down the stem. Once you’re happy it is secure move on to your next bunch, wrapping in the same way. Be sure not to cut the wire in between bunches, it must be a continuous length of wire.


Step six

Continue securing all your bunches in the same way following the curve of the hoop. When you reach your final bunch turn the stems so they are facing the opposite direction to the rest. Tuck those stems into your wreath and wire as you did with the others. Wrap the wire tightly a couple more times to secure then snip the wire and tuck the end into the wreath.


Step seven

Tie your ribbon in a bow on to your wreath. I like to tie mine into the space where the final bunch joins the wreath in order to cover any gaps or wire.


Step eight

If you wish you can now use the twine to create a loop to hang your wreath from.


Step nine

Step back and admire your work. Take a picture and send it to us if you can, we would love to see it! Remember your wreath is everlasting, you can keep it up all  year round, or bring it out during the festive season for years to come. If you find it’s getting a little dusty give it a gentle blast with a hairdryer on a cool setting to freshen it up.

Finally, thank you for purchasing one of our kits. We hope you have fun making it. For further assistance please call our florists on 01271 879749.